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Though the Rio Theatre has been listed “for sale” for about a year, on January 27, 2018, news of its sudden listing online went viral as fans, friends, and patrons of the venue expressed immediate concern for its future.

The very next day, our landlord advised that he had received an offer from a developer. As Vancouverites who are intimately familiar with the drastic changes happening in the city, we knew there was only one way to save the Rio Theatre: We have to buy the building.

Our landlord gave us a week to make a counter offer, and we launched a campaign to rally community support.

In five days, we collected over 20,000 #SavetheRio signatures and passionate testimonials from Rio fans, and on February 8, 2018, our creative offer to purchase was accepted. We were given only sixty days to remove subjects – and raise millions of dollars.

Now we have until midnight on April 2nd to raise the funds needed for a down payment (estimated at 3 million dollars) in order to get approved for a mortgage. The stakes are extremely high.

Thankfully, we’ve got huge grassroots community support behind us! Vancouverites are tired of losing their cultural venues and community spaces. For many people in East Vancouver specifically, the Rio Theatre has become “the last stand” – and we’re not going to let it be torn down. ...[more]


Curtis Salgado Band with guests

7:30pm - Friday, May 25, 2018

Blues Harp Virtuoso Returns From Portland, Oregon CURTIS SALGADO BAND with guests The Mojo Stars Friday, May 25th 2018 Doors 6.30 pm Show 7.30 pm Tickets: Advance $30 Door $35 Also at Beat Merchant, Zulu, Red Cat Highlife ...[more]