The Warriors

The Warriors

11:00pm - Friday, Aug 5, 2022

"Can you dig it?"

Come out and play with us for one seriously bad-ass (not to mention frequently requested) 1970s action thriller - Walter Hill's phenomenally stylish, pop-art fantasy sensation The Warriors. Beyond its well-deserved status as a total cult-classic, the film is a visual sensation for both its incredibly creative production value and for how it captured a very specific, distinctly gritty era of New York City.There's nothing quite like The Warriors in a theatre with other people that love this movie; if you have seen it, then you already dig we're talking about and know what you're doing on Friday, August 5.

If you haven't seen it... Come out and play!

Costumes very welcome - and encouraged. (And yes, there will even be prizes, so let your Fury freak flag fly.) But please: Leave your glass bottles and baseball bats at home, OK?

"Much of the movie looks as if Fritz Lang had directed The Wiz, with occasional contributions from Sergei Eisenstein and Bruce Lee." The Village Voice

Friday, August 5
Doors 10:30 pm | Movie 11:00 pm *Start time subject to change. Please arrive on time.

The Warriors (Walter Hill, 1979 / 93 mins / 18A) | It's the Summer of 1979 in New York City and a prominent, charismatic gang leader named Cyrus summons street gangs to set aside rival turf wars in a bid to overtake the city instead. When he is killed, a rag-tag gang called The Warriors are falsely blamed, at which point they must figure out a way fight their way all the way from the Bronx to the safety of home in Coney Island while every other gang and the cops are hunting them down... And trying to kill them.

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