Donald vs. Joe: The US Presidential Election LIVE

Donald vs. Joe: The US Presidential Election LIVE

6:00pm - Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020

"It's the end of the world as we know it... And I (still) feel fine."

It's President Donald Trump vs. Vice President Joe Biden in the Ultimate Showcase Showdown: The 2020 US Presidential Election.

Can you believe it's been four (?!) got-damned years since we last did this at the Rio Theatre?

TRUTH: Neither can we. Remember all those pantsuits? Le grande sigh... Seems quaint now, n'est-ce pas?

Now, on Tuesday, November 3, you could stay home and curled up on the floor, fetal-like, as you listen to the news and rock yourself back and forth whimpering, "Khaaaaaan!" to no one in particular.

Or, you can drown your sorrows* with us, our big screen, a comprehensive yet unassuming bar, and all your favourites from the gang over at CNN. LIVE.... AND SOCIALLY DISTANCED!!!

*But chances are, they'll learn to swim. If they haven't already.

Tuesday, November 3
Doors 6:00 pm

Reserve your spot for the low, low price of just $8. Admission at the door is also $8. First come, first served.

*Must be 19+ w/ID for bar entry and bar service.
**Viewer discretion is advised. This could get U.G.L.Y.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, this party can't go too late (unlike 2016!). We thank you for your understanding.

Tickets no longer on sale for this event.

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