Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical Sunday Feb 1st

Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical Sunday Feb 1st

8:30pm - Sunday, Feb 1, 2015

Geekenders with the Rio Theatre present:

Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical
A Black Comedy about Science, Family, and Space

Directed by Davin Reid and Jessica Mayhew
Musical Direction by Alison Jenkins
Book by Fairlith Harvey
Lyrics by James Dunlop


$20 pre-sale general admission Ticket. $25 at the door.
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In the distant future, in a far off laboratory standing silent and long abandoned, we meet Chell. She has been asleep for a long time.

When she's awoken by a chatty, British, blue-eyed robot, she finds herself in a facility that is overgrown and falling apart. Together, the two attempt an escape, inadvertently stirring.... something.

Aperture is back.

For science.

You monster.

Featuring a cast of fourteen of Geekenders' favourite performers, the theatre troupe called a "cult sensation" by Vancity Buzz is pulling out all the stops to ensure a joyful, memorable night for geeks of all types.


Patrice Bowler and Erin Mudry as Chell
Fairlith Harvey as GLaDOS/Caroline
Graeme Thompson as Wheatley
Davin Reid as Cave Johnson
Andrew Lynch as The Fact Core
Stephen Blakley as The Adventure Core
Rael Linford as The Space Core


Chris Nyarady (of West Coast Geeks Vs. Nerds), Andrew Carne, Alisha Leveque, Lisa Simon, Jessica Mayhew, Alison Jenkins, Nick Drake


Here's what the media has had to say about other Geekenders productions:

"With the use of huge puppets, beautiful human x-wings and tie fighters, and explosions of confetti, this was both mind-blowing and epic. I am waiting impatiently for the return of fabulous dancing and singing, more (and better than our) puns, and tons of nostalgia and fandom with a cast that includes sexy appearances from Chewbacca, Darth, Han, R2D2, Luke, and many more, all crafting an impressive two-act adaptation of this classic cinematic masterpiece."
-Living Myth Magazine on Star Wars: A Nude Hope

"Not only did The Wizard of Bras provide a rousing burlesque show, but through the use of innuendo, satire, and social commentary, Geekenders delivered a unique performance that appeals to a range of audiences."
-The Peak

"Empire Strips Back is an ambitious, riotous, scandalous production that shows just how powerful a small group of dedicated people can be."
-Living Myth Magazine on The Empire Strips Back

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made production. We are not associated with Valve.

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