The Weirdo Hero

The Weirdo Hero

9:30pm - Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Join us here at The Rio Theatre August 31st for the Red Carpet Premiere of "The Weirdo Hero".

Doors 9pm/ Movie 9:30pm

Come early to get your seats!
+19 for entry with 2 pieces of ID, for full bar service

Tickets $12 in advance/ $15 at the door

After becoming the new ECCW Champion, pro wrestler Fabulous Frankie Myers still continues to face the challenge of a lifetime. Trying to be "normal", Frankie faces many battles especially Gary, a slimy middle manager of a boss at Frankie's day job at a mundane office call center. In addition, there to cheer Frankie on, is his “good” friend Harold who is known for his impeccable timing to kick Frankie when he is down. In this dark comedy/drama, Frankie learns how to embrace himself and become a true blue hero.

“This film is to help those understand what living with depression is like. But more importantly, it’s a message to those who do have depression; You are not alone. It is okay to ask for help. You are a Hero to someone”

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