Petualangan Sherina 2: Sherina's Adventure 2 (Afternoon Show)

Petualangan Sherina 2: Sherina's Adventure 2 (Afternoon Show)

1:30pm - Sunday, Dec 17, 2023

Experience the magic of Indonesian cinema at the Rio Theatre on Sunday, December 17, as CINEMAI: Cinema Day with PERMAI BC, in collaboration with Miles Films and BASE Entertainment, proudly presents a screening of the highly-anticipated sequel, 'PETUALANGAN SHERINA 2: Sherina's Adventure 2,' in Vancouver, BC.

This cinematic gem is a sequel to the beloved 2000 film 'Petualangan Sherina,' directed by Riri Riza, a heartwarming family-friendly musical adventure that made history in 2023. Achieving the highest opening day attendance and selling over 2,400,000 tickets across Indonesia left a lasting impact on Indonesian cinema.

SHERINA, the brave little adventurer, now works as a journalist at a major TV network. Her latest assignment sends her into the jungles of Kalimantan to cover the release of a pair of exotic animals, a mother and its baby, by a conservation NGO. In Kalimantan, Sherina is reunited with her childhood friend, SADAM, who turns out to be the athletic and charismatic director of the NGO. Both of them are so happy to see each other again and realize how much they miss each other. Something seems to spark between them.

However, after the exotic baby animal is kidnapped by a group of criminals hired by a rich businessman, the two long-lost friends begin to argue. The spontaneous and instinctive Sherina and the upright and rule-abiding Sadam have to work out their differences, not only to save the exotic baby animal but also their newfound friendship.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "PETUALANGAN SHERINA 2: Sherina's Adventure 2," a limited-time opportunity to share the magic with family and friends.

Take advantage of this unforgettable cinematic experience! Secure your tickets now and enjoy the adventure with English subtitles.

"'Petualangan Sherina 2' invites millennials to a nostalgic journey, awakening the child within. A delightful film!" (CNN Indonesia)

"A 'La La Land' Indonesian version! 'Petualangan Sherina 2: Sherina's Adventure 2' takes us on a delightful trip down memory lane, showcasing Sherina & Derby's impeccable performance. This film beautifully encapsulates the essence of the original 'Petualangan Sherina,' making it a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike." (IMDB)

Sunday, December 17
Afternoon Show
Doors 12:30 pm | Movie 1:30 pm *Start time subject to change. Please arrive on time.

General Admission: $23+ s/c
Kids under 12: $18+ s/c
Group of 6 Pass (General Admission, this screening only): $130+ s/c

PETUALANGAN SHERINA 2: Sherina's Adventure 2 (Riri Riza / 2023 / 126 mins / G) Sherina is now an adult and works as a journalist, while Sadam, no longer his mom's pampered child, has become an avid traveller. The two then went on an adventure in the jungles of Borneo.

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