Kim's Video

Kim's Video

5:45pm - Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

For two decades, New York City cinephiles had access to a treasure trove of rare and esoteric films through Kim's Video, a labyrinthine collection located squarely in New York City's East Village. Originally run by the enigmatic Yongman Kim out of his dry-cleaning business, his franchise eventually amassed 55,000 rental titles. In 2008, facing a changing industry, Mr. Kim offered to give away his collection provided that it stay intact and be available to Kim's Video members. In a bid to revitalize tourism, the small Italian village of Salemi, Sicily became home to the archive. But after the initial publicity faded, so too did any sign of the collection.

Enter filmmaker David Redmon, who credits Kim's Video for his film education. With the ghosts of cinema past leading his way, Redmon embarks on a seemingly quixotic quest to track down what happened to the legendary collection and to free it from purgatory.

"A rollicking tale of the inextricable bonds between life and art, and the value of ensuring that the latter remains preserved for future generations." (The Daily Beast)

"If you think you know the story of what happened to the infamous movie collection housed at Kim’s Video on St. Mark Place in the East Village, think again." (Dread Central)

“The result is powerful testament to obsession, cinematic and otherwise, and a celebration how art can bring us all together.” (Film Festival Today)

“An Entertaining Ride” (Screen International)

Sunday, April 14
Doors 5:15 pm | Movie 5:45 pm *Start time subject to change. Please arrive on time.

KIM'S VIDEO (David Redmon & Ashley Sabin, 2024 / 88 mins / PG / In English, Korean, Italian w/EST) Physical media reigns supreme in KIM’S VIDEO, an elegiac tribute to the iconic video store in New York City that inspired a generation of cinephiles before it mysteriously closed its doors and sent its legendary film archive to a small and slightly dubious Sicilian village for “safekeeping.” But what starts as an homage to cinema quickly becomes a rescue mission to ensure the eternal preservation of the beloved video collection.

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